CIGAR BLIND TASTING CONTEST 6th, April, 2017, Cyprus

Local aficionados in Cyprus had the opportunity to test the knowledge of their palette on April 6th, as they competed head to toe to name the two cigars that were chosen for the Cigar Blind Tasting Contest, at the Casa Del Habano in Limassol, Cyprus, hosted once again by Phoenicia Fereos Cyprus in collaboration with Phoenicia T.A.A. (Cyprus) LTD.

Attendees arrived at 4:30 in the afternoon to prepare for the challenge. The contest involved the correct naming of each of two cigars at the earliest timed-mark.

The contest first began thirty minutes later at 5:00 pm, with the Montecristo Master, lasting up to almost an hour, with Mr. Josef Hadjahanas being the declared winner, after correctly naming the cigar first at the mark of 6:06 pm.

The Punch Churchill followed shortly, also offering attendees a worthy smoke before being revealed by Mr. Giorgos Malafousis at the 6:28 pm mark.

It was an enjoyable gathering accompanied by delightful wine, beverages and snacks.

The two winners were each rewarded with a Casa Del Habano 25th Anniversary Ashtray.

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